Did you know? Even though we are not a third world country the same practices apply here in Australia and how a home filtration system will ensure healthy clean water at the final point of use "the kitchen sink" where we wash our vegies & obtain our drinking water.

Our pipes leading into our homes have been installed a long time ago in most cases. The amount of bacteria & gunk build up is phenomenal. The thought of pipes being up to 103 years old in the case of Federation homes is in itself a huge health consideration. 10 years ago when Sydney had a Cryptosporidium outbreak in Warragamba dam, Sydney Water doubled the chlorine in our supplies. We are not meant to drink chlorine, it is for cleaning pools.
The practice of filling our own SS bottles at home with superbly clean healthy water ready to take when we leave home is the practice we could all  adopt in our everyday lives. This means no further need to purchase plastic water bottles and add to Australia's landfill problems.
Making a difference - each individual - every home  - great outcome. 

Water-borne diseases account for one third of all deaths in developing countries. In Australia and NZ we take it for granted that our water is safe to drink straight from a tap. However, we often forget there is a build up of bacteria and algae in our pipes and chlorine is the chosen method of eradicating this issue given to us by our government.Chlorine is not a natural element designed for human consumption.

As the future unfolds and the changes to our water table become apparent through fracking practices in search of gas (see below), clean healthy water will be the most important issue concerning our populations health on a day to day basis.


Food production relies on clean perfect water for our livestock and the production of crops.

We also have the growing concern of our sewerage being converted to supposedly healthy drinking water.  have addressed the twin issues of efficiency and cost utilising  simply perfect systems  in both the light weight easy to assemble kits or alternative choices for the home which will be invaluable.

Creek and river water, as well as tank water and flood water can be adversely affected by nature and weather conditions and drastic changes can occur. The  Australian cleawaterkits will ensure perfection in healthy water to drink.

 The Australian Bureau of Meteorology website has scientific information relating to water-borne diseases and problems within Australia.

The problems we humans create!