1: “The TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition was found in 1999 in Switzerland and started its epic journey in 2002. So far 4 children are born on the expedition. Clean water is the most critical aspect when you travel with newborns and small children. Specially now in Africa. Thanks to our friend Karen Rivers with her great and simple technology to purify the water, we have been able to explore some of the most remote places in Africa as a family. Thank you so much Karen! Dario & Sabine, Salina, Andri, Noé and Alegra.” www.toptotop.org

2: I have experienced the greatest pleasure and amazement in using this incredible purification unit. Not only is it light and easy to carry, it is very easy to assemble and use.

The water we drink and its purification is not something you want to ever experiment with. The results could be fatal. Cleanwater Filters are safe and guaranteed to provide you with clean water to drink in any situation

I highly recommend Cleanwater purification Kits.

Michel Camilleri Owner Bottles for Earth www.bottlesforearth.com

3: Cleanwater  - Community Projects

These wonderful cleanwater kits have become an integral part of my vision to help people living in less fortunate circumstances . Earlier this year I was able to provide cleanwater kits to a wonderful woman Didi Ananda Svatisika who runs the Saewa Dharma Children's Home , an orphanage in Pakisan in Bali .Didi has been using her filter for many months  and I will continue to help the orphanage by donating more filters in the future. 

Dear Karen,

The water filter is very wonderful, not only for our children's home but for everyone which they used to travel, it is very light, and very easy to used.

Thanks for giving us the wonderful water filter.


Didi and children.

Close up

4: Hi Karen

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Cleanwater kit and stainless bottle I recently purchased for our holiday in the Cook Islands. It was so easy to pack and then to set up on arrival. It was also so simple to use. We had beautiful tasting, clean, clear water all through our holiday. We filled our water bottles with the Clearwater water every morning and saved ourselves a small fortune on bottled water. The kit is now dried and packed away for our next holiday when I am sure it will be invaluable once more.

Thank you for such a wonderful product and also for your great service.

Kind regards

Marian Radford

5: I used the “cleanwater “filter kit when I went traveling around Costa Rica and Mexico in December 2011 and January 2012. It was fantastic!
It was really simple to use and it packs up nice and small.  I didn't have to buy any water, just filled up a bottle and was on my way.
I used it while camping and even in the hotel room and never got sick.
Its perfect for the traveler on a budget and the environmentally conscious.
I'm defiantly taking it with me on my next trip around South America!!

Kylie Walker

6: Hi Kristen and Belinda,
I have been in contact with Karen Rivers for a few years as she supplied the cleanwater filtration kits. I have taken them on some of the inspired trips and when travelling else where. I believe they are a great way to purify water, without using chemicals, so we can avoid the waste issues of plastic bottles.
Karen has been really helpful including replacing a kit that got devoured by a monkey! During our conversations Karen has discussed with me the possibility of getting the systems into local villages which do not have readily available safe drinking water. They can easily be upscaled from a travel kit into supplying larger amounts of water by mounting them in pickle dmmsl buckets etc. I will be taking some to Sumatra to give to men who work at the Orang Utan Infomiation restoration Project. Last time we just bailed water out of a grotty stream and boiled it... pretty slow and tedious and hard to get dry wood in the wet season.
Anyway, I thought you may find this info of interest, there is more below, and I wanted to put you guys in contact with Karen, I have cc‘ed her into this email. Participants on trips often ask for meaningful ways they can contribute to the villages we visit, I think this could work for certain trips depending on the places we visit and the local facilities.