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Cleanwater protects your health and wellbeing through nature’s ultimate and absolute daily necessity – clean water! Cleanwater gives you the choice of purified water wherever you are in the world.

Purification Kits

cleanwater water purification kit - pure simplicity (comes in a box)

Kits Australia
water purification kit

Price: $119.00 + post & handling

Price including postage to Asia and Pacific = $148.70

Price including postage to USA, Europe and others = $160

The cleanwater difference

The Australian adaptation of the Cleanwater filter is unique. It is compact and easy to assemble – ideal for easy transport and storage. No power is required to operate Cleanwater, reducing cost and optimising portability. One Cleanwater kit will provide enough purified water for several people. The natural taste of water purified by Cleanwater is exceptional!

Every Australian Cleanwater filter contains a Doulton Cartridge with a Super Sterasyl Candle impregnated with silver. This system kills the bacteria and the granular carbon inside the ceramic is highly effective in filtering and purifying water. In addition to removing dirt, sediment, parasites and bacteria, Cleanwater filters also remove chemical content such as chlorine, pesticides, herbicides and other organic and inorganic content. The Cleanwater kit requires no power is light-weight and includes a strong, reliable food-grade bag to store the water. Just a small towel is needed to dry the candle and bag before packing and moving on to your next destination. And in a few moments you can set up the system again.

The Australian Cleanwater filter is one of the best in the world. Manufactured by British Berkefeld under International Standards Organisation (ISO) conditions, Cleanwater filtration kits have been tested and verified through independent laboratory testing, proven to remove 99.99% of pathogenic bacteria.

Clean Water Kit in a box.

water purification kit

1 Cleanwater filter + your own bottle = no landfill

On average, one person spends approximately $8.00 a day on holidays buying bottled water – so the money saved being self-sufficient leaves gives you more cash to spend on your holiday. By traveling with a Cleanwater kit, you also leave someone else’s homeland knowing that you have not contributed to landfill. 

Additional Parts

Doulton replacement cartridge for cleanwater kits

Kits Australia

Price including postage to anywhere in the world

Price for 1: $52.00 inc postage

Price for 2: $84.00 inc postage

Please contact us at for bulk shipping rates for more than 2 cartridges.

Please note: These filters are multi purpose as one used for holidays alone would last for many many years , they can be set up in a bucket for longer term camping or caravanning & disassembled and set up in the food grade bag provided in the kit - so versatile in their ability to share the wonderful clean water.


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