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Cleanwater specialises in selling high quality water filtration kits that remove 99.99% of parasites, bacteria and chemical content from virtually any freshwater source. Ideal for travel, camping and home purposes, Cleanwater filtration kits work in minutes protecting you, your family, your friends and the environment. The natural taste of water purified by Cleanwater is exceptional!

The Doulton filter - the world’s best

The Australian adaptation of the Cleanwater filter is unique. It has a 4 stage system utilising a highly sophisticated Doulton filtration candle manufactured by British Berkefeld  in the UK after extensive research in Africa and remote developing countries to provide the most versatile, simple, light weight and effective water filter possible . The Doulton ceramic candle  removes chlorine, pesticides, herbicides and other organic and inorganic chemicals from any fresh water source at the point of use. The compact, light-weight Cleanwater filter will guarantee healthy drinking water quickly and easily, at home or away. Used continuously, the ceramic candle will normally last for 12 months before requiring replacement. One Cleanwater filter used for holidays alone would last for many years as 1 cleanwater kit will filter 2000lt of water before needing a replacement candle.

You now have a choice

Cleanwater protects your health and wellbeing through nature’s ultimate and absolute daily necessity – clean water! Cleanwater gives you the choice of purified water wherever you are in the world.

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Cleanwater - the ultimate health insurance!

cleanwater - purified water from virtually any freshwater source in minutes!