fund raising for Bali orphanage

Ananda svastika - 18/6/2014

Being up to date on health care is vital and the cleanwater kits ensure optimum healthy water for 18 months when used daily so now Didi and the kids have new kits for the next 18 months.

Dear Karen,

All the children said that the taste of the water is nicer using your water filter thanks so much for giving us more very wonderful water filters.

Thank you for the money for the children A$100 thanks for your care of and helped to our children's home.

With kindness regards,

didi and children


When I started this business sharing the benefits of cleanwater wherever possible I wanted to see what Didi needed for the kids in the childrens home. Funds have been raised & Doreen & Tony helped Didi to order & purchase building materials. Construction has started March 2012 of a wonderful new classroom.

Dear Karen

The wish list is a new classroom / living area so Didi can help more children.

Today is the 30/11/11 & we have raised $1360 cash to go towards materials to create this new room. Some money will be spent on food such as rice (plus airtight containers for storage), oil, powdered milk, cashew nuts, etc.

We also have 3 laptop computers, 1 printer, 30 educational CDs & DVDs, many books, clothes, lovely new underwear , crocs, pencils, exercise books, & fun puzzles & toys.

These along with the cash will be taken over by friends of mine in early January. Doreen & Tony will help Didi to purchase everything & then the construction will begin. 

Thank you to everyone !!!!!

Didi's Brochure 01 (PDF file)

Didi's Brochure 02 (PDF file)