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Cleanwater is a company established with the vision of providing affordable, easy access to clean drinking water to people all over the world. With 1.1 billion people in the world without access to safe drinking water, Cleanwater’s unique, compact filtration system provides an opportunity to improve the health of populations in even the most disadvantaged environments.

Cleanwater endeavours to work with governments and aid agencies to help reduce the 5000 children dying every day from unsafe drinking water. In addition, Cleanwater takes pride in providing families and travelers with access to safe drinking water at home and away - killing 99.99% of harmful water contaminants.

Save with a zero carbon footprint

1 Cleanwater kit + 1 stainless steel bottle = zero carbon footprint.

On average, one person spends approximately $8.00 a day on holidays buying bottled water – so the money saved being self-sufficient leaves gives you more cash to spend on your holiday. By traveling with a Cleanwater kit, you also leave someone else’s homeland knowing that you have not contributed to landfill.


cleanwater kits are the solution

The Cleanwater difference - perfect simplicity 

The cleanwater filtration kit is light-weight, compact and easy to assemble – ideal for easy transport and storage. No power is required to operate Cleanwater, reducing cost and optimising portability. One Cleanwater kit will provide enough purified water for several people.

Every Australian Cleanwater filter is a 4 stage system and contains a Doulton Cartridge with a Super Sterasyl Candle impregnated with silver. This system kills the bacteria and the granular carbon inside the ceramic is highly effective in filtering and purifying water. In addition to removing dirt, sediment, parasites and bacteria, Cleanwater filters also remove chemical content such as chlorine, pesticides, herbicides and other organic and inorganic content. The Cleanwater kit is light-weight and includes a strong, reliable food-grade bag to store the water. Just a small towel is needed to dry the candle and bag before packing and moving on to your next destination. And in a few moments you can set up the system again.   

The Australian Cleanwater filter is one of the best in the world. The highly sophisticated Doulton filtration candle in the kit is manufactured by British Berkefeld under International Standards Organisation (ISO) conditions, Cleanwater filtration kits have been tested and verified through independent laboratory testing, proven to remove 99.99% of pathogenic bacteria. Developed in the UK after extensive research in Africa and remote developing countries to provide the most versatile, simple, light weight and effective water filter available. 


recycled = landfill

Our founder’s story

Karen Rivers works with the Cleanwater company in Australia selling the adapted filtration kit that has wonderful benefits. She believes in the absolute necessity of clean, healthy water as fundamental to all life. With the growing problems around our fragile planet of water-borne diseases, and increases in cholera, typhoid and E-Coli, as well as the increase in chlorine in urban water supplies, Karen is passionate about working with a product that embraces and re-balances fresh water anywhere in the world.

In 2011, Karen began using and is now selling Cleanwater water purification kits. She was immediately impressed by its ability to clean to perfection - ensuring the safest drinking water possible. She recognised the beauty of this unique product as light-weight, easy to assemble and disassemble, and requiring no power. Karen also saw the potential for Cleanwater as a domestic or travel product due to its portable qualities and its ability to be set up in a more permanent state. 

Karen has been passionately involved in environmental pursuits for many years; designing water wise award winning gardens and teaching children to grow plants from seed to harvest. She is a strong advocate of the importance of water conservation through acquiring grants for rainwater tanks for schools, mulching, and growing appropriate plants to optimize little need for water and to encourage all beneficial insect species.  Karen also promotes the benefits of permaculture practice and seed saving networks and she has organized a fortnightly organic food co-op for more than a decade.

A keen interest in environmental conservation, and belief in the need for the world’s population to have access to healthy drinking water, drives Karen to deliver the Cleanwater product with integrity and dedication.

cleanwater- insurance for a healthy life and our planet`s future!

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Clean Water Brochure

Clean Water Brochure

Cleanwater’s unique design and portability lets you travel and camp with peace of mind, knowing that you can drink clean water anywhere in the world. Serious health and hygiene problems in areas such as South America, Asia and remote Australia can cause concern about drinking water for travelers all over the globe. Changes in weather patterns and increased flooding can be particularly concerning for people trekking in remote areas and developing countries.

Cleanwater is ideal for backpackers and for use in hotels, hostels, ashrams, safaris, camping and trekking. When camping or on safari, many sites do not have clean water due to animal droppings and natural bacteria from leaf rot – even the most pristine environments can call for Cleanwater’s filtration solution. Anywhere you are, home or away, Cleanwater is the ultimate health insurance.

“All social change comes from the passion of individuals” Margaret Mead

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Care for the environment

30 million plastic bottles per month are purchased and left behind as landfill in Bali alone, having a profound impact on this one small island - and the impact of plastic drink bottles world-wide is devastating our fragile planet.